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World Health Day: India's Top Nutritionists Share Diet Tips to Follow Daily for a Healthy Lifestyle

April 7, 2017 5:36 AM
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World Health Day: India's Top Nutritionists Share Diet Tips to Follow Daily for a Healthy Lifestyle

There is so much speculation around health and food that it often tends to cloud our minds and makes us forget the basics. Everything from the new-age specialty diets to super foods and super nutrients may be good for you, but that’s not a reason to give up on our ancestral wisdom. Keeping this in mind, and on the occasion of World Health Day, we spoke to a few top nutritionists in the country to chalk out some important diet guidelines about food and nutrition that you must follow daily for a healthy lifestyle.

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7th. It is a day dedicated to global health awareness which was launched by the World Health Organisation. Every year, they throw the spotlight one a health subject of great importance. This year, they are focusing on mental health, their theme being ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’. Depression is becoming increasingly common yet it is poorly understood. It is also important you realize that the kind of food you give your body daily can greatly impact your mind and how your brain functions.

Giving your body the right nutrients has shown a promising possibility of improving mental health. But remember, there is no shortcut to good health. In his book,’100 Million Years of Food’, Stephen Lee introduces the concept of short-term and long-term health. He explains, ‘a diet that makes a person taller, a weight-lifter stronger, and a woman more fertile is healthy to a degree, but generally not a diet that would make a person live longer.’ The point he is trying to make here is that your daily diet principles which you’ve been following since a child determine your long-term health (what we should be trying to achieve) and not the episodic bouts of healthy eating.

Therefore, the little efforts you make on a day to day basis can really help you in the long run. Here are seven staple routines you should be following every single day to enjoy the best of health.

This World Health Day 2017, promise yourself that you'll pay a little more attention to what you put on your plate. After all, your health is in your hands. Don't just eat to fill yourself up, a healthy diet can be your biggest preventive measure. Get your daily doses, maintain a balance and opt for homemade meals whenever possible and you'll be leading a happy, healthy life.


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