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March 22, 2018 6:48 AM Facebook’s Zuckerberg ‘sorry’ over Cambridge Analytica ‘breach’

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that the social network “made mistakes” that led to millions of Facebook users having their data exploited by a political consultancy. Cambridge Analytica is accused of improperly using the data on behalf of political clients. In a later interview with CNN he said he was “really sorry”, and pledged to take action 96

August 27, 2017 2:01 PM How jollof rice is diving West Africans

Jollof War How jollof rice is diving West Africans Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal claim they make the best jollof prepared with rice and spicy stew. The division is so real and uncompromising that you called could be called unpatriotic, if say, a Nigeria voted Ghana’s jollof as the best. The only thing that is not in contention in the jollof war is the origin 57

August 14, 2017 11:06 AM Facebook Secretly Releases Photo-Sharing App in China

Colorful Balloons is an app similar to Facebook Moments, but without any hint of the social network's involvement. Mark Zuckerberg really wants Facebook to have an presence in China, but it doesn't matter what he tries the social network remains banned there. He' s learned to speak Mandarin, gone jogging across Beijing's Tiananmen Square, met with their 81

August 10, 2017 5:07 PM Facebook Watch and the reinvention of TV

Ok, perhaps today is the day that Mark Zuckerberg finally abandons the pretence that Facebook isn't a media company. Then, in December, he appeared to soften his language, saying "It's not a traditional media company. You know, we build technology and we feel responsible for how it's used." In a blog post in December I argued that Zuckerberg's firm was indeed 80

July 26, 2017 6:31 AM AI Doomsday: Should You Be Worried About the Rise of Artificial Intelligence?

Tech titans Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk recently slugged it out online over the possible threat artificial intelligence might one day pose to the human race, although you could be forgiven if you don't see why this seems like a pressing question. Thanks to AI, computers are learning to do a variety of tasks that have long eluded them - everything from driving 77

July 20, 2017 4:16 AM Is Facebook’s Subscription Based News Service Bad for the Publishing Industry?

In an attempt to ostensibly save the news industry, Facebook will be launching a subscription-based news service in October. The master plan will pave the way for content publishers to create a paywall on Facebook for access to their content. It is also hoped that the new incentive will bring back the much-needed credibility to traditional news sites 70

June 28, 2017 8:19 AM Facebook celebrates 2 billion monthly active users

This is a little bonkers. Out of the 7.5 billion people living on the planet, give or take a few hundred million, 2 billion visit Facebook at least once a month. On a conservative estimate, that's 1 out of any 4 people alive right now... any 4 humans, be it newborns, kids, teenagers, adults, elderly people, those without internet access, those in war-torn 66

May 22, 2017 1:56 PM Facebook's Content Moderation Rules Are Both Careful and Shocking

The rules for dealing with violent and disturbing images often require moderators to ask whether they are 'newsworthy' or 'raise awareness.' There is no doubt that it takes a huge effort to moderate all the content that gets uploaded to Facebook. But over the past few months, the social giant has shown signs of strain. Back in August, shortly after the company 63

May 15, 2017 11:01 PM The forecast for Proxima b: Wet with a chance of alien life

Researchers modeled the climate of the nearest exoplanet and found the weather might be much more pleasant than nearby worlds in our own solar system. Scientists from the University of Exeter have taken the first steps to try to figure out whether the weather patterns on Proxima b are as nice as a Northern California evening or a little more volatile 111

May 8, 2017 11:13 AM Facebook's war against fake news in the UK is long overdue

But seven months down the line, and the social network has announced an all-out war on misinformation and hoaxes in the UK ahead of the general election in June. Facebook is tweaking its algorithm to try and halt the spread of fake news, giving users tips on identifying fake news, and it even ran full-page adverts in British newspapers on Monday reiterating 51