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Red Day blues: To love or not to love [Article]

February 14, 2018 7:55 PM
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Red Day blues: To love or not to love [Article]

Mindless spending or very miserly ways, endless disappointments after a day of triumph, more plots and sub-plots than a Golden Globe-winning script and misguided characters thinking they have a smidgen of a chance.

And no I’m not talking about Arsene Wenger and his group of lackeys in London although Jose Mourinho and his bunch over in Manchester make a very convincing case themselves. Tis the season of love, or rather the day of love. Well, for some.

I, myself, find it fascinating (looking in from the outside of course), the lengths men would go to please their mates or would-be conquests on this day.They shower them with gifts of jewellery, clothes, flowers and the ultimate symbol of the day itself, chocolate, or a colourful blend of the lot. The women don’t shy away from spoiling their partners as well, doling out candy like, well candy, among other sweet-based, love-linked goodies.

I had a pal in High School who spent literally all the money he had on a teddy bear as big as I am for his girlfriend; a lovely gesture at the time, although they broke up a week later.

Don’t get me wrong, these displays of affection may be considered romantic, and some are very much so, but are they really necessary? I mean, both parties claim to be in love with each other. Isn’t it enough that they admit it? If those two believe they have a future together isn’t that money better saved for when they get married? But hey, that’s just me.

Having spent the last 23 years alone on Valentine’s Day, February 14 doesn’t hold as much significance for me as it does for a lot of other people. Not that I haven’t been with anyone before but, perhaps a little strangely, every relationship I’ve ever been in seems to end right before Valentine’s.

At the top of the piece, I mentioned how “red” the day generally is. However, after an argument with a close female friend (and a Val’s day enthusiast, I must add), I concur that it very unfair to anyone who might coincidentally wear a red apparel on the day because they just feel like it (however unlikely it may seem). Although some of it, and I cite an example of a lady in a red dress, with matching lipstick, handbag, shoe and hair I saw on my way to school, is utterly ridiculous.

The day of love, lots of unnecessary spending and a whole lot of bother, in my opinion. The day should be one to spend with your loved ones, a chance for enemies to become friends, a day to strengthen existing friendships and establish new ones.

To see this special occasion being reduced to nothing more than a chorus of “he gave me this” and “I got that for her” makes me think that instead of running around town planning surprises and picking out the perfect presents, the day would be better spent taking a long nap. No really, why bother?


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