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Pakistan, US enjoy excellent ties: Analysts

March 6, 2016 6:47 PM
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Islamabad: The United States has formally notified the intended sale of eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, PML-N leader Lt. General (R) Abdul Qayyum said: “The strategic dialogue between Pakistan and the United States was first time initiated in 2011 and the matters related to terrorism, economy and energy are included in these dialogues. Pakistan Army has fully committed to root out terrorism from the country and launched an operation against terrorists across the country. The Pakistan army has broken the back of terrorist network from the country but there are foreign agencies behind the terrorists, which are backing and sponsoring the terrorists to create unrest in Pakistan. The enemies of Pakistan want to force Pakistan to restrict its peaceful nuclear system by creating propaganda that the nuclear weapons are under threat but, the international community has appreciated the role of Pakistan in countering terrorism and also showed their satisfaction over the command and control system of the nuclear system of Pakistan.” Senior journalist Haji Nawaz Raza said: “The recent talks on ministerial level between Pakistan and the United States were the sixth round of strategic dialogue between both countries since 2011. Pakistan has successful present its stance in front of international community that the terrorism in our country is a well planned conspiracy and the foreign countries including India are behind the terrorist’s network. The ongoing terrorism is a move to weaken Pakistan and we are fighting the war against militants for the peace of whole world not only for Pakistan. Pakistan is a peaceful country and we have paid huge sacrifices in global war against terrorism.”

Former ambassador B.A Malik said: “Pakistan and the United States has very old diplomatic relations but it is a fact that the US never provide sincere assistance to Pakistan as John F. Canady was promised that he will play his role for the resolution of Kashmir dispute but the matter is still unresolved. In fact, the United States want to sell its weapons in the world and the regional conflicts are favourable for its defence exports centric economy. The Donald Trump will be another ‘Modi’ if he will become the President of the United States. Pakistan should improve its foreign policy and pursue the policy of self-reliance and should avoid depending on the US for its needs.”

Defence analyst Dr. Khurram Iqbal said: “The Pak-US relations are not quite exemplary in historical perspective. The United Sates emerged as super power after World War II but it never gives Pakistan any benefit. The US only made commitments which could not fulfilled. The present government increased its relations with other international powers quite wisely and left the policy of sole dependence on the US. The incumbent government is joining hands with Russia, China and the Central Asian States and increased its trade and economic ties with aforementioned countries. China is investing $ 46 billion in Pakistan and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be the game changer in the region. The law enforcement agencies of Pakistan are now working with full coordination which improved the law and order situation of the country. Defence analyst Maj. General (R) Farooq Hameed said: “This US aid of 250 million dollars is not a very huge and sufficient amount as Pakistan army and its masses especially IDPs have paid huge sacrifices in war against terrorism which are being acknowledged by international community as well. We acknowledge the support of US but much more needs to be done by US in this regard. As for as India is concerned, it’s behaviour always irritates Pakistan. The progress and success of Pakistan is against the Indian interest as Pakistan always urged for equivalent relationship with neighboring contraries and India always tried to create a monopoly in the region. When we look at the Indian defense budget and an increasing weapon purchase it is a great threat to the regional peace .India no doubt has a strong defensive approach but Pakistan also has the strong defensive capabilities to protect its land and people and we should not be worried.” Expert, IR Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal said: “Pak-US relationships are improving since 2011. Pakistan and the US understand the fact that the mutual cooperation is in the interest of both countries especially in the war of terror. Both the countries realize the significance of each other. Pak US relationships are now on constructive footing. We also understand the importance of peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan is doing its efforts to restore peace in Afghanistan as it is linked with the peace in Pakistan and rest of the region. The stable Afghanistan is in the interest of all the neighboring countries. India must play its positive role in the efforts of Pakistan, china and USA to establish peace in the region. India is big weapon market and this is a dangerous thing but Pakistan is a strong country who can defend itself. The only problematic thing is energy crises which can be overcome with more constructive efforts of the government.”

Senior analyst Dr. Amna Mahmood said: “Pak-US relations are moving in a very positive direction. Pakistan has always welcomed the positive initiatives of US government. We are engaged in counter terrorism operations and US support is quite important. We acknowledge the aid by US for IDPs but this is not sufficient for the rehabilitation of the IDPs. We need more financial and moral support to normalize the situation. We are facing terrorism in two ways; one is on the borders and the other is within the country whereas the IDPs are the real and direct victims of terrorist activities within the country. India always creates hurdles for Pakistan whenever Pakistan initiates any step for the regional security and development. India always created issues to discourage such positive steps and Pakistan’s success in war against terrorism is against the Indian interest as it challenges the Indian monopoly in the region. International community including the US is well aware of this negative attitude of India.”


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