Your view: Future of Mandela's vision for South Africa

December 16, 2013 10:31 AM

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Your view: Future of Mandela's vision for South Africa

Nelson Mandela has been laid to rest following a state funeral over the weekend.

The former president of South Africa died more than a week ago at the age of 94.

Huge screens were put up around the country, including in his former township home of Alexandra.

Newsbeat spoke to young people about what they think needs to happen for Mandela's vision of equality in South Africa to be delivered.

"He fought for our freedom. He made it possible for me as a young black man to be able to get into school.

"The only thing that needs changing is the mentality. We need to stop complaining.

"If each and every South African can go to school, it's the key to fighting poverty."

"I have a child with an African man and I feel there's so much work in terms of how white people reacted to our relationship and child.

"African people have been so welcoming, so I'm under no illusion how far we have yet to go as a country, but I have hope."

"I have pictures of Mandela in my house. Everyday I watch TV programmes about him.

"I'd like children to know about him and the country. Not from anyone else about who he was, but from me."


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