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November 27, 2013 12:00 AM

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According to the source, the Vice President has been livid about being relegated to the background in the scheme of affairs at the Presidency, with no clear-cut schedule, and he believes his expertise is not being utilised in helping to run the affairs of the nation.

Mr Amissah-Arthur, the source said, only agreed to be Vice President, following the death of the late President Mills, and subsequently running mate to President Mahama in the 2012 elections, after an agreement had been reached that he would head all areas of the government regarding finance and the economy.

President Mahama, as per the agreement, was going to superintend over all other areas but the economy.

“Amissah Arthur, after being assured of control over the economy and other matters relating to the financial sector, as well as a say as to who gets appointed onto boards of governmental institutions had his dreams shattered,” the source said.

The source explained that after the elections, “President Mahama completely changed and has been acting sometimes as though he is paranoid. Amissah Arthur has been relegated to the background and is now a ceremonial Vice President just attending events the President cannot attend.”

In addition to this, the source claimed, Vice President Amissah-Arthur is now seen as the fifth most powerful person at the Presidency, after President Mahama, Chief of Staff Prosper Bani, Deputy Chief of Staff Valerie Sawyerr; and Presidential Staffer Stan Dogbe.

Information picked up by The New Statesman indicates that any ‘appointment’ made by Amissah-Arthur for placement onto boards of governmental institutions has to be vetted by Stan Dogbe before onward transmission to the President. Amissah Arthur’s ‘appointments’, the source said, never see the light of day “as they are thrown away by Stan Dogbe.”

After witnessing the reneging of promises by President Mahama, his lack of activity and the lack of respect for his office, Mr Amissah-Arthur was said to have tendered in his resignation as Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

“This resignation was accepted by President Mahama, but it had to take bigwigs and elders from the party to dissuade the Vice President from resigning. The elders also spoke to the President to mend whatever differences he has with his Vice to ensure the country was governed accordingly,” the source added.

However, after this development the rift between President Mahama and his Vice is said to have worsened, making it almost akin to the situation witnessed in Ghana between then President Jerry John Rawlings and the late Vice President Kow Nkenssen Arkaah.

Factions belonging to President Mahama and Amissah-Arthur are said to have been formed at the Presidency, ready to battle it out for supremacy at the Flagstaff House.

Following the alleged declaration of loyalties by staff at the Presidency, former Ambassador to Nigeria under the Mills administration, Baba Kamara, is said to have pitched camps with Mr Amissah-Arthur, despite being appointed as a senior Advisor to the President.

Baba Kamara is said to be a close associate of Vice President Amissah-Arthur, with their relationship spanning over three decades.

Baba Kamara, who many had tipped to become the Chief of Staff under President Mahama, is also said to be unhappy at the relegation to the background of Vice President Amissah-Arthur and the clear undermining of his authority by the Chief of Staff, Prosper Douglas Bani.

Already seething with rage about President Mahama appointing Prosper Bani instead of him as Chief of Staff, Baba Kamara is said to be actively working against Prosper Bani with the hope of getting him removed from his position.

The source told the paper that any news item in pro-NDC papers that attacks the Chief of Staff is allegedly orchestrated by Baba Kamara.

Source: thestatesmanonline.com

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