Ghanaians Urged To Separate Waste At Source

November 25, 2013 8:27 AM

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The executive chairman of the Zoomlion group of companies, Dr. Joseph Agyepong Siaw has bemoaned the indiscriminate disposal of waste without knowledge of separation.

He explained that source waste segregation or separation is an educational and attitudinal issue which should have been part of our cultures and practices both in our homes and in public places.

“It is however sad and unfortunate that in most homes, offices and in public places waste is treated as something that needs to be dumped anyhow,” he lamented.

In a speech read on his behalf at the launch of the national source waste segregation programme by the chief operating officer of the company Mohkles Bustami, he state that the production of waste is inevitable in any country in the world and by recycling waste and reducing the amount of resources, we can prevent the potential health hazards and keep the environment clean.

He said Zoomlion has built a lot of landfill sites in Accra and is currently building transfer stations across the country for effective waste segregation and transportation.

The national source waste segregation programme is an initiative of the ministry of environment, science, technology and innovation in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency and waste management experts, Zoomlion Ghana ltd.

The minister for environment, science, technology and innovation Dr. Joe Oteng Adjei in a speech read on his behalf by the chief director of the ministry Dr. Sylvester Anemana said source waste segregation was an efficient and environmentally sustainable way of managing waste and it would also help reduce the amount of waste to be land filled as well as provide additional value from secondary raw materials which could be recycled into useful products to support economic development.

“Waste segregation should be encouraged and promoted in hospitals, schools, government offices and even homes. Indeed Ghanaians should understand that waste is a resource which should be handled properly to generate wealth” the minister advocated.

The executive director of the environmental protection agency Mr. Daniel Amlalo mentioned that waste management and practices such as landfill disposal and incineration have failed to provide opportunities for the complete reuse and recycling of solid waste.

He explained that the Agency is committed to the waste segregation project for recycling and for organic manure production for agriculture and landscaping.

“We therefore pledge to reinforce and sustain public awareness creation and education in partnership with all relevant stakeholders to make this noble initiative a success and sustainable, Mr. Amlalo assured.

Under the programme, three types of waste bins would be given to each institution within the ministries and the selected schools in Accra.

One of the bins would contain paper, another plastics and the last one would contain food waste.


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