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Live Adom Praiz: The mantle has indeed fallen on The Mettle

October 6, 2017 10:32 PM
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Live Adom Praiz: The mantle has indeed fallen on The Mettle

Welcome to the 8th edition of Adom Praiz here at the magnificent Perez Dome in Accra. Patrons are entering in ceaselessly in a way that throws up imaginations of how triumphant Israel entered the promised land, Canaan.

Well, this promised land here won't take you 40 years to reach. It will take you 50 cedis.

It is now the Preye hour. He was a drop out, nearly went into occultism. He was a friend to poverty and went through the College of suffering. He was not qualified. But God doesn’t need the qualified. He calls the unqualified and qualifies them. Tonight, the last great act to crown a glorious night of praise at Adom Praiz, the biggest Gospel concert, is Preye Odede. How big and qualified can he get? The crowd is expectant. After a dose of praise and worship from Donkor, Adjei, Crown and Mettle, Odede takes the final bow of worship to the Lord and the crowd bow along. He says you cannot get enough of praise and worship to the Lord and the crowd agrees. He serves a great many worship tunes and surprises the crowd with a popular Ghanaian worship and gets the crowd shouting. They are still waiting for his hits track.

We are now at the melting point. From one Nigerian hit singer to a Ghanaian super hit star, Joe Mettle, the king of Ghanaian worship takes over. The concert is hitting a crescendo. Leading in worship is a craft, a gift, a blessing given to few- Joe Mettle is one. Gifted with tongues of many Ghanaian languages, Mettle announces his presence with one of his twi medleys. He is a Ga man. Not many of them are fluent in Twi but Mettle is and sings flawlessly in a language he learnt. The reason why we live is to give God the worship and Mettle leads the way at Adom Praiz. From Our strength to Our Help, Mettle delivers, then he turns the Dome around with his “Turning around” hit song. He takes the congregants to his Soul winners’ days and serves a little ‘jama’ praise tunes. A lady in Christ bends over and whispers into my ears, the "Dome is shaking." Yes it is I answered. Joe Mettle is in, i added. Mixing worship and praise together in a great atmosphere.

Now we are gradually inching closer to the climax. One of two Nigerian acts, Steve Crown takes his turn. Crown comes without a crown on his head but with a powerful voice to worship and to crown the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I can bet thousands of the congregants will be waiting for his hit song "You are great" but they are not in a hurry at all as they sing along to his glorious worship songs. The 6 feet looking lanky artiste looks radiant in his typical Nigerian attire- the agbada-and calls out testimonies from the faithful. Such a powerful voice he has. Slowly but surely the You are Great time has come and booy the Dome is an electric experience. Demons tremble at His presence, Crown sings and the crowd responds. A total worship performance by a man ready to give glory to God. "Poverty trembles, failure trembles, every challenge you face trembles at His presence. All you need to do is to praise your way out of your troubles and Jesus will stay with you," he tells the congregation. I thought Francis nailed it but Crown is doing same too, to the glory of God.

Francis Adjei steps in with a song of worship neatly dressed in suit and tie to match. He is in for business, a business to lead the faithful with their hands lifted as a sacrifice of praise and worship to the Lord. Yehowa y3 Kronkron, [God is holy] Oy3 Owura he sings and lights up the auditorium. The church sing along in holiness. Its a great church experience now. Arguably the best performer on the night if you ask me. The praise king effortlessly turns the dome into a market of praise leading the faithful with one hit song after another.

You just can't teach an old dog new tricks. It is an exceptional live praise concert by one of Ghana’s most talented gospel singers of all time. S3 mi wo yesu [If you have Jesus] Y3b3 tu Halleluya; Jesus gave to me are just to mention a few of the songs which turned the Dome into a festival. He takes off his jacket? Can you blame him. The praise heat is on and the crowd cheer on.

If you are a doctor, a police man, a lawyer and feel too big to stand in praise of God, He will bring you down! That’s the call from MC Captain Smart and guess what, the Dome is chargedeveryone is on the feet, Lawyer, doctor market woman, everyone is up what a way to introduce to introduce Francis Adjei.

The Perez Dome is now in worship mood. Like the swing of a pendulum the congregants who were shouting in praise with glorious dancing moves have switched into a worship mood, thanks to Denzel. He begins with some local worship songs before increasing the spiritual tempo with Yes you're the Lord Most high.

Celestine Donkor looks celestial. Her apparel, all white with a shiny elements in there announces her presence on stage. She needs little or no introduction. Her voice sings louder. Known for her power and glorious ability to turn hit songs into her own, Celestine Donkor performs Sinach’s miracle worker in Ewe- a local Ghanaian dialect. For all those whose lives appear to be stagnating Celestine turns the dome around with her Turning around track. “If you proposed to a lady and you were bounced don’t worry your life is turning around “she says to a bursting laughter from the crowd.

Sinach and Nathaniel Bassey are not here but their songs performed by Joyce Blessing and later the Multimedia Choir and then Celestine Donkor are crowd favourites.

8:05pm: The Multimedia choir. Wow. If you thought this was a make-shift choir, well, they made us shift from this view. Colour-looking attire. These are simply employees - reporters, front office staff, presenters and hosts - but give it up to them. This is good.

And it is begining to appear, you can't go wrong with a Nigerian gospel. They just did a Sinaach -Rejoice - and a Nathaniel Bassey - Halleluyah Eh - and what a response.

7:50am: Some Joyce Blessing energy fires up the crowd here. Dressed up in some tight-fitting security clothes, she works up those with energy to burn - which is virtually everybody here. And ends with a Nigerian song 'Victory' by Eben. We love it.

7:30pm: Kofi is on stage. And this is a gyming exercise packaged for praises. He leads the audience to rise up and asks that you put your hands on the next person's shoulder. Nice opportunity to break the ice with your 'next person'. If you are a young man, you sure would hope your 'next person' fits your expectations.

7:05pm: Akesse Brempong, promising a gospel star 'wonderkid' is cutting his teeth on an Adom Praiz platform. Some big appreciation from the audience as he takes the stage should be heart-warming for him. And some typical Pentecostal worship tunes he is taking us through is sinking in well here. Some Jamaican-themed performances and then he moves us into his popular track 'Crazy Love'.

"Can nobody do me Do me like the way you do Jesus, you're the lover The lover of my sooooouuuul" Nice song right?

6:45pm: Adom FM host of Live Worship Kwamina Idan and Adom FM presenter Captain Smart are MCs for the night and they start up the patrons demonstrating their competencies in trading Bible verses and prophetic declarations.

Ann kicks us off with some worship songs. Graceful-looking, her performance is quick and welcoming. And check out her backers too.

Kwamina Idan promises anyone looking for the fruit of the womb to expecting a sort of impregnating experience here and the accompany amen here from the women fail me.

6:20pm: This is Adom Praiz. But if you are single, this is a marriage market. Beautiful young women and men litter the rows like a season of harvest.

Friends and loved ones hooking up, hugging and of course taking selfies.

6:15pm: Very engaging instrumentals-only rendition of some popular gospel songs. It has been going on here for the past hour and a half and the energy of this trumpeter must be divine. How do you blow this instrument without a stand-by bowl of kenkey?


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